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    A condensing boiler is the most energy efficient boiler on the market today, that cuts down on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. It does this by recycling the flue gases, making the products of combustion condense. The heat from this process is then put back into the heat exchanger. Thus the heat of the flue gases are reduced to 50 60 degrees, compared to 120 - 150 degrees for a noncondensing boiler.

    All new boilers fitted in England should be condensing ones and fitted by an Energy Efficiency certified engineer. They come in two main types, combi and system boiler. Energy efficient boilers can save you money on your gas bills as they turn more of the burnt gas into heat, compared with a noncondensing boiler. Typically around 90 % for an energy efficient boiler, compared with 80% for noncondensing one.

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